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The French Riviera is one of the first resort sites in Europe and, for centuries, gave inspiration to famous artists and attracted the greatest influential people of different historical eras. A remarkable combination of over three hundred sunny days a year, with an abundance of events and festivals in the Côte D’Azur brings nearly eleven million visitors each year.

Most people have heard of the glamorous Cannes and The Annual Cannes Film festival or the lavish Monaco with its Formula 1 race with one of the most challenging racing tracks, but not many know of the hidden gem, the village of Mougins and its annual international Gastronomy Festival (Les Etoiles de Mougins). The Festival first commenced in 2006 as a tribute to Roger Vergé, the renowned chef of the Moulin de Mougins. The Gastronomy Festival brings more than 100 chefs each year as well as plenty of spectators. The Festival offers the public an opportunity to meet and greet the chefs, ask questions and even take home the recipe from their favorite one.

For a foodie, Mougins is an absolute paradise and well known for its incredible culinary history. There are about 50 restaurants including Michelin Star restaurants such as “Paloma” and “Le Candile”. But what makes dining in Mougins even more incredible is the view of the Cannes Bay, Grasse and French Prealps all due to the village being elevated around 850 feet above the sea level.

Besides great restaurants and foliage, Mougins has an amazing source to feed your creative and artistic side as well. There is a beautiful Chapel of Notre Dame de Vie, a historical landmark building since 1927, this chapel was first erected in the 12th century and was rebuilt in 1655 with a slight expansion to its initial structure. Pablo Picasso lived nearby in his villa l’Antre du Minautore and was fascinated by the Chapel’s modest charm and the village of Mougins in its entirety.

Another interesting place to visit in Mougins is the Museum of Classical Art. The Museum first opened in 2011 and, unlike many establishments in the Cote D’Azur, this museum is open 7 days a week. You can also visit the Scene 55 theatre where you can enjoy watching ballet, concerts and operas.

The gastronomy and art, however, are not the only attractions of Mougins. The village is a great place to hike, walk your dog or have a picnic at a beautiful pond Etang de Fontmerle. Mougins is evolving and developing rapidly. A large shopping center and movie theatre are on the way as well.

Overall Mougins is an amazing destination to visit. Situated only 5 miles away from Cannes, Mougins will quickly become one of your favorite places to explore.