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Pride of Portugal




Over the last ten years, the Portuguese Government has managed to put in place tax breaks for foreigners wishing to invest in Portugal. 

Since then, money has been simply pouring in as investors have realized the beauty and the potential that exist in this country. 

A- The Golden Visa for non-Europeans:

In order to obtain the "Golden Visa", one must fulfill one of the three conditions mentioned below:

  • Transfer at least 1 million euros to a Portuguese bank account
  • Buy one or more properties in Portugal with a minimum value of € 500,000 (combined).
  • Create a company in Portugal that employs 10 people. 

The " Golden Visa" is valid for 5 years, and it is for the entire family (Father, Mother and kids). 

Immediately after these 5 years, one gets the Permanent Residency or the EU passport. 

(Rest assured, you will be eligible for this Permanent Residency if you stay only 1 week a year in Portugal). 

B- Non resident status

For countries that have signed a double taxation agreement:

  • Income received outside of Portugal will not be subject to any tax, neither in the country of origin nor in Portugal. This includes income earned abroad and retirement pensions as well.
  • The income earned in Portugal by architects, researchers, artists, doctors, professors, senior managers or even many independent professions, will be subject to a single tax of 20%.
  • Dividends, Capital gains, Real Estate incomes will not be taxed in Portugal 
  • Taxes related to one's wealth do not exist in Portugal.

Conditions for obtaining the "Non Resident Status":

  • One should not have lived in Portugal in the last 5 years
  • One must own a home and must be in Portugal for at least 183 days per year.

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