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Mortgage Calculator

With interest rate being so low in Europe, Pride Invests is offering you the possibility of financing your house.

Up to 60% of your apartment or villa may be financed.

We have partnered with an ideal bank so that you could borrow up to 20 years with an interest rate of only 2,5% per year!

For example, if you wish to finance 500,000 Euros for the period of 20 years, your monthly payments will be as low as 2,650 Euros.

Also, if you finance 1,000,000 Euros over the period of 20 years, your monthly payments will become 5,300 Euros.

The main characteristics of housing loans in France are as follows:

1-The loan has no maximum amount

2-The interest rate is fixed at 2,5% throughout the loan period 

3-The loan period is up to 20 years 

4-Foreigners can finance up to 60% of their purchased property 

5-Your monthly payment should not exceed 30% of your monthly income

For more information, please contact one of our sales offices.