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Truly, Portugal has it all.

An amazing landscape, a beautiful climate, a warm and friendly people, a low cost of living, the safest place in Europe and to top it all off, great tax and investment benefits.

Non Habitual Residents (NHR)

All income from foreign sources are tax exempt.

As for the income from within Portugal, the tax rate is a flat one of 20%.

Below are some of the great advantages of becoming a Non Habitual Resident or NHR:

  • Tax exemption on pensions
  • Tax exemption on inheritance
  • Tax exemption on capital gains income
  • Tax exemption on dividends and interests.

To become an NHR, one should remain in Portugal for more than 183 days per year.

Portuguese Residency Visa Permit – The Golden Visa

This special residency card allows non EU nationals to travel freely throughout Europe.

To get this Golden Visa, one should:

  • Buy a property in Portugal of at least €500,000
  • Complete a minimum period of stay in Portugal of 7 days in the first year
  • Complete a minimum stay of 14 days during the subsequent periods of 2 years
  • After the 5th year, a permanent residency Permit is issued with the opportunity to apply for the Portuguese Citizenship.

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