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Why Invest in Portugal?


Portugal was nominated to be the third safest country to live in by the Global Peace Index in 2017 which led to an increase in the demand related to the tourism section. Its warm and sunny climate, well-known restaurants and white sandy beaches combined with rich culture and history, have helped to create a vibe of excitement in the country and making investment opportunities more appealing.

However, that was not the only reason for people to invest in Portugal; it’s the new residency program and Investment Benefits Scheme launched by the Portuguese Government to non-residents.

Since 2012, the Golden Visa Program together with the “Non-Habitual” Resident Scheme have been the determining factors in the real estate sector.

While investors from countries such as France look to Portugal to take advantage of the tax benefits the government offers to foreign investors, nationals from China, UAE, Saudi Arabia and most middle eastern countries are looking for the Portuguese residency programs, that provide them access to all the European countries Visa free.  

Investing in Portugal has numerous advantages and here’s some;

  1. One of the lowest costs of living in the EU.
  2. A highly appealing tourist location and quality of life conducive to a peaceful retirement destination
  3. Stunning and diverse natural beauty, from rivers, cliffs and clean sandy beaches to mountains and championship golf courses, making it popular with all kinds of visitor
  4. Interesting history and cultural heritage with a wealth of tourism potential throughout the country
  5. Well-trodden property market place, with stability and transparency in buying procedures for foreign purchasers
  6. Locals are very friendly with different cultures and English is widely spoken
  7. Large presence of fellow British residents
  8. Over 300 days of sunshine per year
  9. Lowest crime rate in Europe and stable political climate

Now that you’ve read all the above it’s time to take action!

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