La Diva Bldg., Hazmieh, Mar Takla, Beirut - Lebanon Directions

Pride Invests is an International Developer company based in Beirut, Cannes and Lisbon. Whether you are looking to own your first home...whether you are a step further in your life and you are looking to buy a bigger home, or whether you have reached a point where you can afford to have a second home in the amazing French Riviera،

Pride Invests is your Ideal Partner…


Honest service. Great value.

It’s not about its ancient culture and rich history, it’s not about the delicious food and the great hospitality, it’s not about the city with the best nightlife in the entire world…

Underneath it all, Lebanon is simply beautiful...


Portugal... Your Ideal destination

Besides the beauty of its landscapes and the richness of its culture, Portugal became one of the most popular destinations because of its Residency by Investment and the "Non-Habitual Resident" scheme 



The Côte d'Azur...The Glamorous Lifestyle

The most sought after destination in the world, Amazing climate and beautiful landscape... No wonder why so many celebrities from around the globe have decided to own a property in this unique location. 

 Martakla 2..Our signature

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 Jamhour...your project for life

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 Portugal...your ideal destination

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 Martakla 1..our first baby

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 Saint Paul de Vence...the legendary village

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 The Yarzeh Townhouses..the Charm of Yarzeh

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